Hello there reader,

Let me tell you something – I am not going to reveal my personality. I am either a girl or a boy, gay or hetero. I am either one person or multiple people. Somewhere in late 20s, an average looking. The only thing you will know for sure is that I am human, let’s keep it at that. Oh, and I forgot – I work in an agency. Yes, that’s right, I am one of those people stuck somewhere in between being
I guess you wil never find out whether or not this is all real, and all the names and places actually exist somewhere. Whether I am wearing this anonymous hat out of fear of being exposed, or I just have a wild imagination that I like to use for the benefit of the others.

I started this blog out of love for everything digital. I want to cover advertising news and trends in media and marketing. Sporadically, I want to give fresh and warm perspective from an agency person existing in a fictional world running campaigns  for fictional clients. I want to keep you interested and informed on a regular basis.