Leverage audiences for insights with Audience Insights Report

As a search specialist who needs to co-operate with external agencies focused on display OR as a display advertiser who has to integrate search insights to achieve a better understanding of the target audience, there is a step that many of the marketeers sometimes skip.

What is Audience insights report and how can we benefit from it. The audience insights report gives you an overview of who are the people that search for your product; Are there new users that you could target and how to better customize and tailor your message so you  appeal even more to them.

Released in September 2015, the report provides a rich stack of aggregated data about users from your remarketing lists. This means that in order to be able to access the report, you need to already have some audiences created and prior to that, the Adwords tags should be implemented on chosen pages of your website.

If you have created audiences in the past, and now you simply want to access them, go to Shared Library. When you select a specific audience, you will first see an Top Insights Tab.

Top Insights tab is a snapshot of the highlights. If you select any of the other following tabs on the right, you will get a more detailed information about the audiences.

In-Market & Affinity Audiences – Also a term familiar because of the options for targeting for GDN campaigns. These are users who showed an intent to engage with a service or product.

With the Affinity Audiences you could target users based on their interests.

Demographic, location and device data are available specifically for the remarketing audiences. Demographics gives you an overview of the basic demographic data, location speak for itself and device could clarify whether you have more mobile or desktop users that convert.



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