Microsoft will acquire Linkedin for $26.2 Billion

For Microsoft, this is the biggest acquisition in the history of the company and it’s considered as a way to freshen it up a bit after it was recently left behind the technology trends. According to the Chief Executive Satya Nadella’s, the deal will open new horizons for Microsoft’s Office suite as well as LinkedIn.
What does the acquisition mean for Linkedin: LinkedIn will keep its name, brand and culture, and it will remain autonomous, After a successful redesign of the mobile apps, people started spending more time in the app and using the service. We couldn’t say the same thing for the advertising. In February, the company shut down its own ad network only after 12 months. The initial idea of using users’s data to target users and sell ads outside of the network, turned out to be too resource – consuming and eventually forced Linkedin to stick to the good old ads within the platform.

Shortly after, Linkedin expanded the targeting reach up to 30K companies providing potential for employee’s recruitment. That plus the efforts to expand the social network outside of America and Europe (with 39% revenue), by localising its network in places like China, finally paid of. 


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