More Video Ads on Facebook’s Mobile Audience Network

Let’s first start with some history: Audience network was introduced 2 years ago at a conference as a way for game publishers to drive downloads, meaning direct response ads were the primary focus of the network. Starting as an app space and later on expanded to include the whole mobile web, Audience network is under a lot of developments, innovations if you wish.

After the boom of video in the last few years, it is now becoming THE format of the year. Marketeers are in the search for these perfect 15 secs of glory where you brand aligns smoothly with the users’ attention. Aaaand it’s gone..

Having that in mind, as one of the first prominent video advocates, Facebook acknowledged the importance of integrating the video format first in the carousel ads, and now through two new formats. First, Audience Network will be extended to offer advertisers the option to serve video ads on mobile and desktop. Second, the new formats are pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll in video content which aims at more native structure.


Facebook’s idea behind the new updates is more emphasis on branding messages and less on direct response actions but to be precise when was video ever a huge traffic driver? Longer video content which runs in-stream or one more important update: in-article video ads. Even though ads inside the articles option was already available, now Facebook allows us to advertise this way also within the Audience Network. The specs are almost the same as for the feed, the only difference is that now the video has to be either shorter than 10 secs or longer than 30 secs.



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