Instagram analitycs finally becoming available

Ok guys, that’s pretty big news! After years of posting content into the oblivion or what I like to call “the void” – this dark matter of Instagram where no data exists and no engagement is being tracked, finally reveals more details about what we do and why we should do it.

Let’s start with the changes:

Instagram analytics! This feature is available only to business profiles and can be accessed through a chart icon located in the upper-right-hand-corner of the app. The stats from the analytics will be rather basic but we are still happy.

  • Followers: gender, age and locations of your audience.
  • Insights: post impressions, post reach, website clicks and follower activity. An interesting feature is getting to find out what are the most popular times of day or days of the week when the profile’s followers are using Instagram.
  • Best performing posts: Posts sorted by impressions over a seven-day or 30-day period, as well as the ratio of post views to followers.

Instagram analytics

Business pages for brands! Nothing new except for a contact button next to the follow button, in case you want to visit a physical store or write a lovely e-mail. And of course – company description, i.e. what is this business about. Learn more about the new implementations here.

Instagram business page



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