Image science got me talking

According to Mary Meeker’s Annual Trends Report the Internet users are sharing 1.8 billion photos a day. OK!! What does that mean? Artificial Intelligence is growing fast, there is no doubt, but what is that next big thing that will disrupt how digital marketing works. It is actually called computer vision a.k.a. the image science a.k.a. visual branch of AI. And all this becomes is part of the so called visual web – the enormous amount of user-generated visuals without any relevant text will be finally getting exploited thanks to the computer vision.

In-image ads enable advertisements over relevant images on editorial websites. For example, you see an image of a very fit woman on a website and within it, you will be served and ad for a gym subscription. How cool is that?! With a sophisticated image recognition software behind it, the computer vision will transform how users interact with the visual content which will have a significant impact on banners and display c

If you can have a basic conversation with a computer, it makes total sense that you have to be able to see each other, or at least the computer will be able to recognise you as his old chap.


And it is definiteley worth mentioning that The 14th European Conference on Computer Vision will be held on October 11-14, 2016 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The conference is the place to be if you have even the slightest interest in AI. The program will include worshops, exhibits and demonstrations.


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