Countdown ads on Google rushing the users to take action. NOW!

Step-by-step guide

Countdown ads on Google are an easy way to make the slightly boring text ads more dynamic showing the time before a sale ends or any other type of discount that the user has to quickly take advantage of. Besides that, we know how well exclusivity work online as well as offline. You might even say things just got sexier, in the most unsexy way possible. What you get out of the deal is: perhaps a higher CTR, perhaps a slightly higher conversion rate. Or why not both? There will be an improvement, I guarantee.

The countdown ads are part of the so called “customisers” in Adwords – these are nothing more than specific parameters within braces. When the ad is triggered by the user’s’ query, it automatically replaces the parameters with dynamic text.

The countdown is a function that consists of arguments or directions – or simply said this is everything between the parentheses that will execute the function.


I was running a new campaign for one of our clients. The client is a fashion brand launching a new product line. To promote and accelerate the launch, the client organised a pre-sale party that offers 25% discount to all the attendees. The only thing you need to do is sign up with your e-mail and be one of the lucky ones that will receive an invitation.

What I did in this case:

  1. Add a new text ad.
  2. Type in the headline, just like a regular ad. In that case the headline of the ad was the name of the newly launched product line.
  3. Add some text in description line 1. In that case the text was related to the discount/promotion that attendees will get after signing up on the website.
  4. In description line 2 – you have to open parenthesis “{“.
  5. Start typing “countdown” between the parenthesis until the function appears.
  6. Select the end date of the countdown.
  7. Select the time of the day that the countdown ends.
  8. Select after how many days the countdown should start.
  9. Before or after the function “countdown”, you can type in different words, such as: Only, Don’t miss out on and etc. With the word “only” before the function and the word “left!” after the function, the description line 2 will look like”: Only 3 days left!
  10. Don’t forget to add a nicely looking URL and the actual URL where users will land.
  11. Highly recommended for a better conversion rate – Optimise the landing page for getting e-mail subscriptions, i.e. make it as easy as possible for the user to sign up on the website.



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